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<map lat="51.240900086667" lng="22.543930449051" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Poland
Voivodeship: Lublin (Voivodeship)
Population: 350,462
Licence plate: LU, LUB
Major roads: 12 17 19 82
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Lublin is a city in the east of Poland.

Hitchhiking out

Northwest towards Warsaw, Radom 12 17 E 372

There is a good spot on Aleja Warszawska. Take bus #18 or #20 and get off at the bus stop Skansen (#18 turns right before it stops). Hitch from the bus stop at the main road. Both buses run from the Ogród Saski (Saxon Garden) close to the city centre. If you use a sign with Warszawa or Wa-wa you have a good chance of getting a direct lift.

North towards Białystok 19

From the center take bus 4 or 24 to the stop called Elizówka-giełda. Where you get out is right next to a petrol station on national road 19 heading north. Walk uphill from the bridge for a couple of hundred meters to where the terrain becomes flat and drivers can see you. This is a good spot even at night (if you have reflective gear), since drivers have to slow down a bit and be cautious of a pedestrian crossing.

If your driver is going only to the nearby town of Lubartów, get out at the roundabout before the beginning of the city, where you can hitch further on national road 19. If your driver is going only to the nearby town of Międzyrzec Podlaski, be careful of where you get out because the road briefly becomes like a motorway; ask the driver to leave you at the intersection with national road 2, where you can walk a kilometre or two further north on national road 19 to where it is easy to hitchhike again.

Southeast towards Zamość, Chełm, Lviv, (Ukraine) 12 17 E 372

  • I've never hitched from there but i found this spot cycling around. It's on the Aleja Wincentego Witosa street.

Take the bus #7, 14, 21, 23, 28 or 55 and go to the final stop called "FELIN". Then go in direction to the main road. You will find a bus stop on the main road. Just before bus stop there are traffic lights so you can be easily spotted by drivers.

  • From the main railway station or bus station you could also try to take a bus to Świdnik, a town nearby. Be careful and ask the driver if they go through "Kalinówka" and to leave you there, just before a turn to Świdnik. In is not an excellent place because of two lanes and speeding cars, but there are traffic lights and a lot of space to stop.
  • No good advice here. It is quite difficult to get out of Lublin in this direction, because there is no real bypass and many streets merge on to the main one with two or three lanes on which cars go quite fast and there rarely is any place to stop. If you are passing through from Warsaw, definitely get out before Lublin.