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'''{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}''' is a city in [[Honduras]].  
'''La Ceiba''' is a city in [[Honduras]].  
== Hitching out ==
== Hitching out ==

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La Ceiba is a city in Honduras.

Hitching out

North towards the Bay Islands (Utila, Roatán, and Guanaja)

There are twice daily ferries to both Utila and Roatán, but these are rather expensive. There are no ferries to Guanaja, which makes it much easier to hitch. Hitching a ride on a cargo boat is rather straightforward: go to the port and ask. There's a little office on stilts more or less at the entrance, and the person working there will be able to tell you if they have boats coming in or loading for where you are going. As of June 2013, there's only one cargo boat for Utila - the Utila Express - and it leaves Monday, Wednesday, and Friday early in the morning.