King's Lynn

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King's Lynn
<map lat='52.7583210042621' lng='0.4195404052734375' zoom='11' view='3'/>
Flag of England
State: East of England
Population: 34,500
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King's Lynn is an industrial/market town in in the east of England in the United Kingdom.

Hitchhiking out

The main place to get out of the town is to go to the Hardwick roundabout (argued as being the biggest junction in England).

South towards London

To travel south (towards London) a great spot for hitchhiking is the turnoff from the Hardwick Roundabout onto the A10, whereby standing by the pedestrian crossing with a thumb out can normally get a ride within 15 minutes as there is a lay-by right by it. However, because most of the traffic is local traffic most of the rides will be to nearby towns like Downham Market and Ely, although again these places are easy hitching out of. Don't press the traffic light button constantly to stop traffic and get a warning from a policeman like Jass did. But that's just common sense.


For heading north find the turnoff onto the A47 westbound (signposted Wisbech) and hitch before the dual-carriageway. Wisbech has a history of being a pretty terrible place to hitch in, so avoiding that would be ideal.

East, Norwich

To head east (towards Norwich) find the turnoff to the A47 eastbound (signposted Norwich). There is a lay-by a few metres onto this road. Or else, for a more countryside-ey route, with nothing but pure local traffic, take the Knight's Hill roundabout exit onto the A148 (from the Hardwick hitch towards Hunstanton, it'll be the second roundabout).

Public Transport

There are regular buses from the bus station to what seems like all areas of the town but less frequent to the hardwick roundabout. Also there are regular buses to Hunstanton, Norwich, Peterborough, Cromer and Great Yarmouth. King's Lynn is also on the WAGN rail link, which goes to London and Cambridge.

Places to Visit

  • Get a bus, or hitch on the A149, to Hunstanton and walk along the beach, past the cliffs, to old Hunstanton beach. The sand dunes are perfect for diving off.
  • In the middle of nowhere off a country road, find a field at night and look at the sky. You'll be amazed at it if you've been in a city for a substantial amount of time.
  • The King's Lynn football team usually have matches on Saturdays, so you may be lucky enough to be able to catch them at The Walks football stadium. The fans can be hilarious for their matches, just watch some of the videos on YouTube.
  • The Tuesday Market Place was host to the famous witch trial of Margaret Read in 1590. It was reported that, when burnt at the stake, her heart burst and struck a nearby wall which has since been commemmorated with a diamond-shaped brick, with a heart carved in the centre. She allegedly still haunts the Tudor Rose Hotel.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are different woodlands around King's Lynn, but the much more peaceful area is towards Hunstanton. In this direction there are miles of woodlands in Sandringham which would satisfy any wild camper's wilderness cravings (except for the noise from the main road), then further along and past Hunstanton there is a beautiful stretch of coastline, called the North Norfolk coast. Along here you can find some of the most deserted beaches in England. There are abandoned buildings which can be used as shelters on Old Hunstanton beach (walk in the direction of Holme) and on Thornham beach (on the island).

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)