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Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh, Russian
Capital: Astana
Population: 16,196,800
Currency: Tenge (KZT)
Hitchability: Verygood.png (very good)
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<map lat='48.05' lng='66.9' zoom='3' view='0' float='right'/>

Kazakhstan (also spelled Kazakstan) is a country in Central Asia.

Hitchhiking in Kazakstan isn't predictable. You can get 4-day rides with trucks or just rides of a few kilometers to the next village. People often offer rides out of cities when they see you walking.

The road between Aktobe and Aralsk is terrible! Trucks get stuck in the mud all the time. Going into Almaty you will often get dropped off at a big truck area about 10 km South of the actual city, so if its possible wait it out for a car when you get close to Almaty.

People are sometimes asked for money, especially around the Chinese border.

According to this German article, hitchhiking in Kazakhstan is a normal way of traveling and public transport. Some students regularly hitchhike to University in Almaty. Drivers are payed a bit for the ride they offer and according to the guy interviewed didn't know about any issues with hitchhiking in Kazakhstan.


Border Crossing



  • Multi-border points are Aisha-Bibi, Sypatay Batyr, Korday, Kegen, Karasu (2010).


  • Multi-border points are Kurmangazy, Taskala, Syrym, Aksai, Alimbet, Zhaysan, Kayrak, Akbalshyk, Zhana Zhol, Karakoga, Urlitobe, Sulu Agash, Kosak, Sharbakty, Auyl, Ube, Zhezkent (2010).


  • Multi-border points are Tazhen, Zhibek Zholy, B.Konysbaeva, Shardara, Kaplanbek, Syrdarya, Celinny (2010).


  • Multi-border point is Temirbaba (2010)


  • Multi-border points are Khorgos, Dostyk, Kolzhart, Bakhty, Maykapchagay (2010).


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