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Kavala is a city in Greece.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Xanthi, Komotini, Alexandropouli, Turkey

Get bus #3 or bus #11 out of the city as far as the cemetary (or as far as it goes in that direction). This is Amerikanikou Erythrou Stavrou (road 2) and it goes straight onto the E90 in the direction of the cities listed above.

  • We (1 girl, 1 guy) walked out onto the highway between the east-bound off- and on-ramps and waited for approximately 1 hour before a Greek truck driver picked us up, he took us about an hour east towards Istanbul (Ryan C, Sep 2017).
  • We (1 girl, 1 guy) took the bus #11, stop cemetary (be careful, the stop is before, if you don't stop it takes back Kavala's direction) walked 30min to go at the highway start. Cars go fast but they can stop on the side. We waited 45min and a Turkish man take us to go to Istanbul. (Adrien L, July 2019)

South towards Thessaloniki, Athens

From the centre, bus station or harbour, you can take the bus #2 until it gets to the street 7is Merarchias (you can also walk all this street as it begins by the sea). From this bus stop walk up following the street which ends in the highway going to the South. You can also take bus #11 until a point near to the E90 as if going East.

Kras and a friend had bad experience doing this in August of 2013, as there are just a few places where to stop car next to the highway and inside people didn't seem really friendly and the place wasn't big enough to trucks to stop.

Hitchhiking in

You can get dropped off at the highway exit next to Kavala, whih is good because it means you don't have to find a lift going exactly to that place, but can also accept any ride going past it. It is an easy, although rather long walk down the winding road, with cars zooming past you. It is downhill all the way though, and the road leads straight into the city centre. You can even try sticking your thumb out as you walk.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are abundant wild camping opportunities in the woodland to either side of the road down into Kavala. This seems like a city where sleeping out would never be a problem. One good option is to take bus 24 (it pass near Aristotelus square) until one of the last bus stops: ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ. When you get off the bus, walk 50-100m forward in the same sidewalk and you'll find a path which goes between the trees. 100 m. later, you can get out the path and go down a bit and you'll find a more or less flat and big space where to sleep out of people view.

Other useful info