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Xanthi is a city in Greece.

Hitching out

East towards Komotini, Alexandroupoli

You need to find the bus station which is on Dimokritou street. The street goes straight to the road on Komotini. The best place to stand is around 400-600 meters from the bus station near a market and a snack bar.

West towards Kavala, Thessaloniki

Around 2 km from the city center, where streets Egnatias (from center of Xanthi) and Perifereiakos Xanthis (from Komotini) combine. Best place to stand - near big STOP sign [1].

Hitching in

From the North - border with Bulgaria (Zlatograd) is very hard. There's only a mountain road with not so many cars. The best way is to try to catch a car directly to Xanthi before passing the border. From the border point next 23 km are very hard to stop because of many turns.