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<map lat='35.175' lng='128.095' zoom='12' view='0'/>
Flag of South Korea
South Korea
State: South Gyeongsang
Population: 340,816 (2007)
Major roads: 10, 35
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Jinju is a city in southern South Korea.

Hitchhiking out

South of the City Hall (the new town) area and south just across the Namgang river bend there is a big Jinju IC (intersection) to highway number 10. The Jinju IC is here [1]. The hitching sign is a must here.

East towards Busan

Follow the avenue Dongbu-ro that runs parallel with the highway, pass a Oil bank petrol station and on the next cross road you will meet the Gahoban-gil street, there you have to turn right, the crossroad here [[2]].

Once in Gahoban-gil' street[3], go straight and pass under the Highway, soon after that you will see a small road on your left, walk up that road and soon you will arrive to a parking lot [4]. That place is connected with a service area to the left (good spot for hitchhiking) and to the tollgate to the right. You can choose any of both, for the tollgate you have to climb up the stairs and you will reach the Highway authority building, there is a good spot next to it.

West towards Gwangju

Once in Gahoban-gil' street[5], go straight and pass under the Highway, you will see a street on your left (entrance for east direction). Continue straight until you see a small street along some fields, at one point you will see a ramp with a bump on the left going to the highway. Follow it and you will be in the tollgate. Is a nice spot but I was kicked out of the tollgate by a grumpy guy, another employee politely asked me to go down the highway. So I hitchhike in the main avenue[6], just where I have started. Got a lift in 15 minutes.

It took me a long time to find a ride, in the tollgate and another entrance[7] I was kicked out or politely asked to change my place. Tired I just did it in the legal way and hitched a car in the avenue, before the ramp[8]. Try in the tollgate and if you are kicked out you have the alternative spots. Good luck