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Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea and probably one of the best places to hang out in the country

Hitchhiking out

North towards Daegu, Seoul

You can hitchhike north from this tollgate. There are a few busses going to the spot. The staff there even helped me make a sign. https://www.google.co.kr/maps/place/%EC%82%B092-45+Mora+3(sam)-dong,+Sasang-gu,+Busan/@35.1863892,128.9989046,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3568ea97dab0ce53:0x66bb053e02a0a404!8m2!3d35.186387!4d129.0000016?hl=en

West towards Gwangju, Jinju and the rest of southern part of Korea

There are several highways leading westwards out of Busan. Probably the easiest one to reach and hitch is the number 10 or the Namhae expressway. There is a big tollgate called BukBusan. You can reach it by taking the brown (third) subway line all the way to the last stop at Daejeo. Leave the station on the exit 1 and turn right. Follow the big road going under the light railway line (under construction) for about 1-1.5km (just count two stations above you on the light railway line) and when you see a church on your right, pass it and turn right in to the small street yourself (there is one another church along the way too, don't get confused). When you turn right on the church, there will be a few more quick zigzag turns and you come under the highway, so just find your way up and the tollgate is right in front of you Make a sign of where you want to go (in Hangeul) and GOOD LUCK :)