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Innsbruck is a city in Austria.

Innbruck is situated north of the Brenner-pass, one of the main south-north crossing traffic axes in the alps, squeezed in the Inn River valley which dictates the directions of the traffic ways. Due to the lack of space in the Inn River valley, Innsbruck offers 5 different highway exits and a complicated system of traffic lanes.

Hitching out

Heading East towards Salzburg, Rosenheim, Munich

Starting point: Exit Innbruck Ost (East), at the fuel stations on the very end of Amraser Straße, next to the DEZ shopping mall. Getting there by bus: Line D exit DEZ, or line T exit DEZ Ost, and walk the last few meters towards the biggest road closeby. Check the schematic map of the local public transport or their webpage also in english for further information. The bus takes you 1.70€ (Summer 2008). A sign indicating your desired direction might help you getting along. Good luck!