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<map lat='47' lng='11.5' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Countries: Flag of Austria Austria | Flag of Italy Italy
Type: Mountain Pass - 1,370 metres (4,500 ft)
Motorway: E 45

The Brenner is a mountain pass in the alps and a border crossing between Austria and Italy. The Brenner is one of the most important crossings on the north-south axis in Europe. There is much traffic every day. It is also the lowest of the major passes in the alps.

25 km north of Brenner


North (Innsbruck)

Should be no problem at least in direction north Innsbruck, Austria. Drivers have to buy the austrian Vignette to continue. On the border control (there is none because Austria and Italy have joined Schengen) there is also a huge parking area, toilets and so on, so you will find somebody here.