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Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese and English
Capital: Hong Kong
Population: 7,009,000
Currency: Hong Kong Dollar
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<map lat='22.3' lng='114.06' zoom='9' view='0' float='right' />

Hong Kong is a huge city in China. Unlike China, you probably don't need a visa to enter, but coming from China your one-entry visa will expire.


Police in Hong Kong seems to be cooperative, so if confronted they might be eager to compromise with you as well.

Hitchhiking to Macau

You need to find a car crossing the bridge BEFORE going to the imigration building. If you reach the imigration building, you will have no other choice than bying a bus ticket. The ways cars go and passengers go are different! - Experience by SerialHikers, September 2019.

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