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This article pissed me so badly off back in 2014 with attitude that it ain't advised to hitch in Hong Kong so on my way to Sai Kung East beaches. Took me 3 hours to catch first ride with sign stating Go with the wind in Cantonese. Taxi stopped and wondered that what the heck I was doing because he already passed me multiple hours ago. Told that just couple kilometers this way and I'll take another road, but he ended up driving me all the way to the gates of nature reservoir. Also walking from back managed to catch ride with taxi who wasn't occupied but returning to town. So yeah it's possible, but Ratracewheel in Hong Kong is going speed of light. -Hitchhooker

Quora has a question that's attracted some good tips for Hong Kong:

What are the best tips for an extreme shoestring budget traveller for the cheapest short visit to Hong Kong?

Hippietrail (talk) 06:34, 23 July 2015 (CEST)

There was a zero budget Travel item just on BBC Radio 4 , where the girl stated that hitch-hikin is illegal in HK Yet the only confirmation is this page. Since it is such a big thing to say, I am going to remove that The Quora article above does mention people hitch-hiking. And in discussion question Hitch-wiki's claim was also questioned and unsubstantiated.