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For an idea on a new, structural categorisation, check this brainstorming: Image:Cat_brainstorm.png.

Have fun discussing here, bringing in your ideas, opinions, etc.

Category Discussion


Just for a better overview, I would like to move the names of articles like hitchhiking a boat towards boat, hitchhiking a train to train etc. This looks nicer in the category overview, and people might be in first instance search for "train" than "hitchhiking a train", I guess. Any comments on this? --Platschi 00:38, 31 October 2008 (UTC)

Yeah, I didn't put much thought in it when I started those articles. Feel free to rename them. guaka 09:25, 31 October 2008 (UTC)


I just unstubbed the "Réunion island" article and it's in category "Africa". I suggest to create a "Island" category for islands that are not linked to a continent by a road (bridge, tunnel, whatever). In case we start having many islands in the database, it might be clever to have "oceans" category. Réunion could then be in "Islands" and "Indian ocean". That would also be nice for the sea-boat hitchhiking section.