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Here we start with the process of thinking about where the European Hitchgathering 2023 could take place.


  • Main organisation platform is this wiki page. Here you can collect/present proposals and use the talk page
  • Other communication channels are the mailing list, Signal-group and the Facebook group. Please transfer all relevant info to the wiki page.

Pre- and Postgatherings

Midsummer Gathering, Sandviken, Sweden, 16.6.-25.6

Welcome to the Swedish jungle - a lone cabin in the woods with the obligatory lake next to it. About 100km north of Gothenborg and 200km south of Oslo.

No running water, no electricity, one of the worst countries in Europe to hitchhike and heavily infested with ticks and mosquitoes.

For questions you can ask Tobi or Paula on the Signal group or in the mailing list.


We have access to a small (and partly run down) summerhouse surrounded by enough green to pitch tents and forest for hammocks. Some ppl could sleep in the house and we have 2 extra tents here. There is a big lake next to the place and a proper beach in about 30m walk.

-no drinking water source but we have collected about 200liters of drinking water here; other options: filter water from the lake, neighbors -water from the lake for shower, washing dishes, etc...

-outdoor toilet has been prepared

-dumpster diving is not great here - next supermarkets are about 12km away and usually have little to no loot

-we have stored some provisions here but additional food will be needed

-same goes for drinks - we brought some leftover bottles and some beer -there is no (working) electricity

-a stove for baking and cooking (so we can even make bread/pizza/...)

-a small bbq and a huge amount of fire wood that can be used for cooking/camp fire

-two bicycles

be aware:

-no dogs

-if you happen to come with a car - there is hardly any space to park a car unless its a 4wd

-plenty of ticks and mosquitoes

-during summer it's often a high fire risk

-make sure your tent/hammock is mosquito-proof

-on the 17th it's someones birthday

what to bring:

-food(veggies, fruits, nuts, flour, rice, oatflakes)



-mosquito repellent

-tick remover


-solar panel/charger

-a boat


coordinates: geo:58.60740,11.87531?z=19

map: https://osm.org/go/0YU7RrJx9?m=&way=1173138009

directions for people with paper maps or empty batteries:

from north (Oslo) or south (Gothenburg, Malmö) E6 -> Exit Munkedal -> 22km -> Hedekas -> 7,5km (direction Färgelanda) -> turn left (you see a small house on the left and a big one on the right, that has a big camping trailer in front -> 400m -> turn right -> 300m -turn right -> 100m -> left You could go via Uddevalla -> Färgelanda as well.

From east (Stockholm) E20/E12 either via Trollhattan or via Karlstad.


  • Pregathering right before the maingathering at Country Town, Denmark .
  • Postgathering in northern Finnland and at Europe's most northern point - Kinnarodden.

Main Gathering

Svullrya, Norway, 1.8.-15.8.

We are invited by some friendly local farmers to have the gathering on their property next to Rotna River outside of Svullrya, Norway, about 130km northeast of Oslo.

The actual spot we would camp at is right next to the river away from any human habitation. There is a dry toilet the Corps of Hitchgathering Pioneers built two years ago, a couple of tables with benches, and a whole lot of forest around. The river water is drinkable, and there is a floaty platform off-shore to use for all our weird jumping stuff. There is a dumpster in Svullrya, but the shop is quite small, so we would also need to send missions to Kirkenaer (26km) and Kongsvinger (40km) where food is plentiful. The potential hosts have asked us about two things: One would be to dig out the firepit to make it safe (about two hours' work for three or four dedicated people... I know we're a lazy bunch, but that might be doable), and the other would be that we dispose of our own trash. Which goes without saying.