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There is a "Flygathering" after Marcels successful crowdfunding for tandem paragliding equipment, probably in dune de pyla - biscarrosse, France from 1th of August for at least a week.

It is not yet clear if this will be as well the main gathering. Some ppl are for a gathering in Scandinavia.

Travel restrictions

Sweden (12.07.)

+ No restrictions for EU, EEA, Switzerland, Andorra, Australia, Canada, Japan, Serbia, South Korea, ...

+ up to 50ppl are allowed to gather

- It's considered a high risk country so coming back from Sweden could mean quarantine or entry denied for some places.

source(government): https://www.government.se/articles/2020/04/faqs--entry-to-the-eu-via-sweden-banned

France (12.07.)

+No restrictions for Euro zone

+No restriction to gather a large group of people (restriction ended July 11th)

source(government) : https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/actualites/A14175 (in French only)

Norway (12.7.)

+no restrictions for EEA/Schengen countries unless they have too hight numbers (atm Sweden, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Portugal need 10 days quarantine)