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Hitchgathering is the name of a series of international hitchhiking gatherings held in Europe and Northern America since 2008.

Time: early August.


Organizing the event


Proposing a place

Remember to tackle the following questions when you scout for a location:

  • Is there space for 100-200 persons?
  • Can we acquire drinking water somewhere nearby?
  • Are there possibilities to dumpster dive or is food cheap?
  • How easy/difficult is it to reach the place?
  • How secluded is the place?
  • Can we just stay at the place or does it belong to somebody, do we need a permission?
  • Can we dig shit pits there?
  • Can YOU be there to help organizing in the beginning?
  • What else is important?


Traumschule in Riebau, Germany

  • Location: Northern Germany, close to Salzwedel, in the village of Riebau at Traumschule [map], hosp-ex profiles on BW, CS
  • Ownership/Permission: We are happy to host a gathering with free contributions again: food, knowledge, money, sleeping bags, what people need. [...] This is an open space and if you like, feel invited! [...] Kardan from Riebau
  • Food: dumpsters below average on German standards, but more could be found, cake dumpster in Salzwedel, an organic food source from local producers could probably be organized
  • Water: Water is available 50 meters from where we would camp
  • Infrastructure: (dry) toilets, solar shower, bikes, workshops, material
  • Accessibility: Easy to reach, centrally located, 80-100km away from the highway (A24, A7, A2), ~10km to small city Salzwedel
  • Huge wonderful lake nearby, but not so close ~20km (Arendsee)
  • Cool things to explore: an abandoned train station building, earthships, and

semi-abandoned military barracks and stuff...

  • All summer-long project happening meanwhile: 'anti-civilisatory summer camp' with workshops and exchange of

information and skills and visions (program)

  • Considerate behavior with pets and electronics expected on the site
  • Organizers, supporters available: N0id, YOU?

(Most of the information taken from Zenit's full report)

Shypit, Ukraine

  • Location: Western Ukraine, Zakarpats'ka oblast, near the village Shypit (or Shipot, Шипот in Ukrainian)', [map]
  • The site has been the location of a well-known hippie-festival for many years
  • Ownership/Permission: unclear, the land is said to belong to nobody
  • Food: dumpster diving unlikely, but low cost of living / cheap food
  • Water: the water from a river nearby is reported to be drinkable
  • Accessibility: rather remote, minor mountain roads, far away from bigger cities, ~80km to Mukachevo
  • Infrastructure: a big frame to put a tarp over with benches around a fire pit
  • Organizers, supporters available: YOU?

(Bits and pieces of information taken from the mailing list, partly posted on hitchwiki-talk)