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Hisarya (Bulgarian: Хисаря), also known as Hisar or Hissarya is a small town in Bulgaria, around 40 km north of Plovdiv.

It is located in a total rural area, but worth to visit. The city is nearly completely surrounded by an old Roman wall. It also has over two dozen mineral springs around the city, which are extremely healthy and deliver goddamn good water!

Hitchhiker platschi also made really good experience with the local people, they are extremely friendly and hospitable.

Hitchhiking out

East or South towards Karlovo, Plovdiv

There are only 2 directions to hitch out of town: East towards Karlovo or South towards Plovdiv.

  • For going east, just walk until end of town and hitch a ride. Make sure people are going towards Karlovo or at least to Banya, because you will not get stuck in the 15 km inbetween where there is quite nothing. Might be a great ride if you driver sets off the engine because it's only going downhill all the time.
  • The way going south via Kaloyanovo is not really recommended because there is nearly no traffic except some donkey carts going that way. May be better to hitch towards Banya and then take the main road (64) south towards Plovdiv.