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<map lat='56.048' lng='12.705' zoom='13' view='0' country='Sweden' height='350' float='right'/>
Flag of Sweden
County (län): Skåne län
Population: 92,100
Major roads: E4, E6, E20, E47
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Helsingborg is a city in Southern Sweden. There is a ferry connection over the strait of Öresund to Helsingør in Denmark.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Helsingør, Denmark and Copenhagen

Obviously, you have to hitchhike the ferry. Stop cars in front of the ferry terminal before they enter the ferry. Car drivers can take up to 9 persons with them without paying more. You have to take a walk from South to get to the car terminal, see Sjögatan on the map. You can also try to walk into the harbour-area and ask the waiting trucks, its forbidden with signs but its possible to catch long-distance-rides and it worked fine for Hitchhiker Eno Gata.

North towards Gothenburg E 6 or Stockholm E 4

At the ferry

You can try to stop the cars exiting the ferry or –if you come by ferry yourself– already ask on the ferry.

Northwest Motorway

There is a big street leaving the city in north-western direction which turns into the E4 and later also crosses the E6 which means that it's probably good to have a sign. The crossing right before the motorway was found to be a not so good spot . There is a petrol station and the bus stop Älvsborgsgatan. At the bus stop before (Juelsgatan) you probably have the same, not optimal chances bacause cars are already going fast. Another possibility is the crossing with traffic lights second to the last before the motorway close to Stattena (a small square).

To get to these places from the centre you have to follow Järnvägsgatan, which turns into Drottninggatan and later into Hälsovägen after it turns right and goes uphill. Then you pass Stattena and can walk on until the motorway starts. Of course, you can also take the bus.

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