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<map lat='51.02682057115055' lng='3.7205886840820312' zoom='12' view='3' float='right' />
Flag of Belgium
State: [[Oost-Vlaanderen]]
Population: 237,250
Major roads: E17
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Gent is a city in Belgium.

Hitchhiking out

Getting out of Gent isn't too difficult.

All directions

  • Option 1: Go to the spot near the Woodrow Wilson square. Not many people know this square, but if you say "de zuid", everybody knows where you're talking about. Hitch at the road going to the motorway (). There is a 3 meters wide bike lane, so plenty of place to stop for the cars. Using a cardboard would be clever, as this entry of the motorway splits to different directions. Very good place to hitch towards any direction and there is a big bus station. (tram and bus:, bus stop "zuid"). Scroll further for direction specific hitch hike spots.
  • Option 2: Try getting a ride at the light here, all traffic has to stop so you have plenty of time to talk to people or show your sign off. You can also easily stand just behind the lights at the southside of the crossroads, there is ample place to stand safely, and for cars to stop on the emergency lane. The cars are also not yet driving very fast. Do use a sign though, as the onramp will give access to go to east towards Antwerpen, southeast towards Brussels, southwest towards Kortrijk, Lille and Paris and west towards Brugge, Oostende and Calais. But make sure you don't make the mistake of trying to get there by getting on the ramp here. It's a lot longer than it looks and cars are going dangerously fast. You'll end up having to jump from the bridge to the ground below like Zac did. Many cars from the centre will take a bridge to the highway, for those option 1 is better. This option on the other hand gives access to the highway from the inner ringroad of Gent.

Southwest towards Lille, Paris, Kortrijk

  • Option 1: Go to the big roundabout “De Sterre” near the Sint Pieter station. There you can hitch the N60 towards “Oudenaarde” until you reach the motorway E 17 at Eke.
  • Option 2: Take the train from Sint Pieter station for two stops to Eke-Nazareth. Blackriding is easy since it's only two short stops on the train. Once there, walk north to a service station via Klapstraat. It's a 20 minute walk but once there one should have no problems finding a ride as far as at least Paris, sometimes even southern France or Barcelona. There is plenty of local traffic heading to Kortrijk but avoid them because this is the other service stations on the E17 in Belgium are quite small.

Northeast towards Antwerpen

  • Option 1 of hitching to Lille (make a cardboard)
  • Take the tram 4 in the city center towards Moscou and get off at A(dolf) van Ooteghemstraat, which is 1 stop before the tram reaches it's end station. Walk left into the Walstraat and then the first street to the right into the de naeyerdreef (sand road with lot's of trees). At the end of the road you'll reach the entrance to the A14 (E17) where you can easily get a ride towards Antwerpen or Kortrijk.
Ghent offers many cultural highlights.