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Flag of Morocco
State: Meknès-Tafilalet
Population: 95 265
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Errachidia' is a very relaxed city in the southeast of Morocco. Many tourists pass by here on their way to Merzouga, but Errachidia itself is not very touristy.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Fes, Meknes

Take bus №1 or №2 from the main street of the city and get off on the last stop. №1 is better because from the last stop of bus №2 you must go about 500m to the good hitch spot. From the center of the city is about 1h15m on foot to the end of the city.

You can also hitchhike right in the city center, where you will usually find a ride to at least the next big roundabout, from where you can hitchhike both West and North.

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