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<map lat='34.042134085031506' lng='-4.994487762451172' zoom='12' view='5' float='right'/> Fes is a city in northern Morocco. To find overlanders (most probably going towards Rabat or the South), check out the parking on Boujeloud, the blue square.

East to Oujda, West to Meknes, Rabat

Several kilometers west of Fes el-Bali and Fes el-Djedid, reachable by the large avenue running east-west from just north of Bab Boujeloud, there is a Shell petrol station and an intersection for either direction on the N6 national road.

If you take a Meknes-bound car going towards Rabat, ask your driver to leave you at the point where the road splits (a large "Rabat/Meknes") sign before Meknes, as Meknes is difficult to hitch out of.

- This is actually a really good spot. Just stand after the roundabout, fill up your water at the cafe and you're good-to-go. (03.16)

Going to Oujda don't take the eastern entrance of the motorway (some 10-15 km away from the city) it will be almost desert, use the same for Rabat and Meknes, just opposite direction.

Sleep and accomodation

Fes together with Marrakech is the most touristic and consequently expensive city in Morocco. You won't find any hotel or hostel for less than 7-10E (if course compared with europe is a ridicolous price but is still expensive). There is only one cheap, moroccan hotel at the entrance of the souq, turning left. Is called AlGhazzaoui (ask for funduq al ghazzaoui) and costs only 1E, cleanness and the stuff of course is not comparable with others but is still the best option.

Go to a calm quarter like Ouadi Fes, for instance, speak with people and look for nocturnal guardians, they will show you the best spot and will take care of you during the night, in spite of they have lots of work to do.

Couchsurfing community is one of the most numerous in the country but still few members, reals and actives, compared with europe.

I slept in Marjane park first, left my backpack to a shop and next night i just asked people sent me to the nocturnal guardian of the quarter, showed me a comfortable house gate to put my mat. Ouadi Fes has been a very good option, but there are also some other calm and nice places, just ask right people for quarters to avoid, might be pretty dangerous also during the day.

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