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Dundee is the fourth-largest city in Scotland and lies on the north bank of the Firth of Tay, which feeds into the North Sea.

<map lat='56.463534' lng='-2.97472' zoom='12' view='0'/>
Flag of Scotland
Population: 141.930
Major roads: None.
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Hitchhiking out

West towards Perth, Stirling

There is only one big road heading west, the A90. On the crossing of Riverside Ave and Kingsway W in the west of the city you find a roundabout where all the people pass coming from Dundee or farther east. Furthermore you have a petrol station right after this roundabout on the A90 which is like 1 km away. (location on map)

The above is true. If you are in the city centre and don't fancy to walk to that point, it is possible to start off from the riverside next to a big tesco there are a few small roundabout followed by layby. not perfect, but it does work!

South towards St. Andrews, Edinburgh

To get south from Dundee you have to cross the bridge. There are 2 options because you have 2 ways to enter the bridge. One is the roundabout on the crossing of 'S Marketgait' and 'Riverside Drive'. The other possibility is to go to the other side, where 'E Marketgait' and 'E Dock Street' cross. There you have traffic lights and even a petrol station to ask the people directly. (location on map) If you do cross the bridge, it will still be tricky to get a ride, as the roundabout at the south end of it is a fast awkward place to pull over. If you have no luck here, you might consider walking south to the next roundabout, just over 1 mile (there is no footpath; you must walk on the grass between the highway lanes). You'll see a petrol station, after which there is a roundabout where traffic for St Andrews and Edinburgh splits.

North towards Aberdeen

Start on the Forfar road, on the north of the Kingsway, after a double roundabout (Forfar roundabout) there is a bus stop; a big layby 300m further and some trafic lights. the big layby is great.