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<map lat='52.253' lng='6.183' zoom='12' view='3' />
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Overijssel.png
Population: 81,250
Major roads: A1
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Deventer is a city in the eastern Netherlands, on the banks of the river IJssel, in the province of Overijssel.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Apeldoorn and Amsterdam (A1)

Get bus 56 to Borculo or 81 to Zutphen, and get out at bus stop carpoolplaats A1 (about a 10 minute ride). Westbound lane is north of the viaduct, eastbound lane (*Streetview) starts south of the viaduct. The on-ramps are not so great, so as an alternative you can try the BP gas station just before (you pass it with the bus).

East towards Enschede, Osnabrück, Berlin

You can either follow the above advice and go to the eastbound on-ramp, or get to a much better on-ramp with a bit longer bus ride and a bit more walking. Get bus 6 to Colmschate-Zuid and get off at stop Hondsroos. You can ask the driver to drop you off a bit earlier, it saves you some walking. As soon as you see this place, ask to get off. Walk south along the road, eastbound lane is south of the viaduct and has a nice hard shoulder.

North towards Zwolle (N337)

Take bus 2 or 3 and ride it all the way till the end, busstop Platvoet. Walk around 100m in western direction to the roundabout and turn right. The place to stand is where the parallel road and main road connect, just after the roundabout and literally opposite restaurant De Zomertuin.

South towards Zutphen

Route 1) Take bus 56 (Zutphen) or 81 (Borculo) and get off at Het Pessink. Hitch from the bus stop on the N348. Traffic can be quite fast here, not a very good spot.

Route 2) The alternative, more fun route. From the city center, walk across the Wilhelminabrug, the big bridge over the river. Continue walking untill the crossing of the N344 and N790. Hitch right from the beginning of the N790. The whole walk is around 2,5km.

If you hate walking try the spot at the roundabout called Emmaplein, next to the Boreel shopping centre. Most traffic from here goes in the direction of Twello and Apeldoorn, so you'll probably have to get out at the intersection of the N344 and N790, but then you've saved yourself the walk!

Every village you'll pass on the way will have good spots to hitchhike from, where traffic is slow. From Gietelo you won't be following the N790 anymore, but instead the N345.