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Daegu is a third biggest city in South Korea, quite a pleasant place and the one which is actually very easy to hitchhike out of.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Gyeongju/Ulsan and South towards Busan

It's easy! Just take the red subway line (there are only two in Daegu) to the Yonggye station on the east part of the city. Leave the station at exit 2 and turn left. After about 300 meters you will see the highway with the big Dongdaegu (east Daegu) intersection and the toll gate. Just walk past the gate and there is plenty of space to put your thumb out. (You have to walk along the road, which can be dangerous. But a alternative route on the west side of the tollgate exists. Just check kakao map.) Don't forget to make a sign in hangeul, because the highway splits in two close to here: highway nr.1 going via Gyeongju, Ulsan to Busan) and the nr.55 one directly to Busan.

Update 05.28.2017: The staff at the tollgate asked me to leave. But this could have been a random thing.