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DTSG (Deutsche Trampsport Gemeinschaft) is the name of the first German competitive autostop club. The club was founded on November 26, 2011 in Leipzig, Germany.

It's aim is to establish competitive autostop as a collaborative activity in Germany. Also, it wants to raise (inter)national awareness of the sport. Activities will include a broad range of topics, from organizing training workshops and lectures on first aid while traveling by autostop, night-hitchhiking, survival, navigation in forests, mountains and deserted areas and other relevant topics, as well as excursions to specific (e.g. usually less traveled) destinations.

Competitive, collaborative competitions, asking the participants e.g. of relevant skills in orientation and navigation in the open country, form as well a major part of the club's repertoire.


On March 9, 2012, the club organized its first competition throughout the Vogelsbergkreis in Northern Hesse, Germany. Subsequent races were conducted through the Altmark region in Northern Germany as well as in the Overijssel region of The Netherlands.

In 2013, four races are already planned: March 1-3, May 9-12, June 21-23 and September 27-29.

World Championship Qualifications

  • The DTSG had one team participating at the 1st round of the world championship qualifications in Ukraine in November 2012. After hitchhiking 7 days non-stop through the interior of the country, the very same team successfully qualified for the 2nd qualification round.


  • Official website of the DTSG (German), sometimes translated as well into (English)