Crossable rest areas in Belgium

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The following petrol stations and aires de service in Belgium and Luxembourg allow a hitchhiker to cross over to the other side. This is a complete list for all motorways in these countries.

In Belgium service stations are usually opposite, each serving one of both directions. Most often there are service roads or minor roads to and from the service stations, which you can use to walk to a twin service station.


A1 / E19

  • ""Waarloos"", between Antwerpen and Brussels. Crossable southbound in 10 minutes, but crossing involves climbing a steep slope and getting through thick bushes.

A2 / E314

  • ""Wezemaal"", between Leuven and Diest. Crossable eastbound in 40 minutes.

A3 / E40

  • ""Heverlee"", south of Leuven. Crossable westbound in 20 minutes.
  • ""Bettincourt"", north of Waremme. Crossable westbound in 30 minutes.
  • ""Aire de Tignée / Aire de Barchon"", between Liège and the German border. Pedestrians bridge.
  • ""Aire de Lichtenbusch"", at the German border. Pedestrians bridge.

A4 / E411

  • ""Aire de service Bierges"", between Brussels and Wavre. Crossable northwestbound in 30 minutes.
  • ""Aire de service Aische-en-Refail"", between Wavre and Namur. Crossable northwestbound in 20 minutes.
  • ""Aire de service Wanlin", between Namur and Neufchâteau. Pedestrians bridge.

A7 / E19+E42

  • ""Aire de service Orival"", between Brussels and Nivelles. Pedestrians bridge.
  • ""Aire de service Hauts-Bois"", between La Louvière and Mons. Crossable westbound in 20 minutes.

A8 / E429

  • ""Aire de service Hellebecq"", between Halle and Tournai. Pedestrians bridge.

A10 / E40

  • Jabbeke, between Brugge and the Calais - Oostende split. Crossable westbound in 20 minutes.
  • ""Drongen"", between Aalter and Gent. Crossable eastbound in 20 minutes.
  • ""Wetteren"", between Gent and Aalst. Crossable eastbound in 10 minutes.
  • Groot-Bijgaarden, between Aalst and Brussels. Crossable eastbound in 10 minutes.

A13 / E313

A14 / E17

  • ""Marke"", south of Kortrijk. Crossable northeastbound in 5 minutes.
  • ""Nazareth"", between Waregemen and Gent. Crossable northeastbound in 20 minutes; stations are not exactly opposite eachother.
  • Kalken, between Gent and Sint Niklaas. Crossable westbound in 20 minutes.
  • ""Kruibeke"", between Sint Niklaas and Antwerpen. Crossable southwestbound in 20 minutes.

A15 / E42

  • ""Aire de service Verlaine"", between Liège and Fernelmont. Pedestrians bridge.
  • ""Aire de service Spy"", between Namur and Charleroi. Crossable eastbound in 20 minutes.

A21 / E34

  • ""Gierle"", between Antwerpen and the Dutch border. Pedestrians bridge.

A26 / E25

  • ""Aire de service Noidré"", between Liège and Bastogne. Crossable northwestbound in 20 minutes.

R0 / E19

  • ""Ruisbroek"", between Brussels and Halle. Crossable southbound in 20 minutes.


A1 / E44

  • ""Wasserbillig"". Crossable southbound in 10 minutes.

A3 / E25

  • ""Berchem"". Crossable northbound in 20 minutes, however, this may be very hard because of fences around the service station, including high doors at the service roads.


  • ""Pontpierre"". Crossable in 10 minutes between the not exactly opposite service stations using a local pedestrians tunnel. Involves a bit of climbing up steep roadside and getting around a fence.

A6 / E25

  • ""Capellen"". Crossable eastbound in 60 minutes over partially hard to find field and forest tracks. A demanding walk that requires very good orientation skills. Not recommended.