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DTSG member Marusia in a suit for (not only) competitive autostop in Uruguay

Competitive Autostop is a (new) form of the orienteering sport, combining hiking, orienteering and exploration with autostop as a means of transport. Competitions and varying expeditions are organized on a regular base by clubs in Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Germany. Elements of sport orienteering & navigation in (un)known territory off and on the road are an inherent part in such competitions, establishing a more adventurous form of autostop.

Next to that, research and lectures are conducted regarding a broad range of topics, including e.g. training for giving first-aid on the road, survival training in specific conditions, perfecting night hitchhiking or strategical autostop. In 2014, the second qualification round for the World Championships is planned, covering a route through all of Europe (~16 days). While competitive autostop is mainly based in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltics, there are attempts to establish competitive autostop in Western Europe. A first German club has been founded in November 2011.

DTSG member Korn with a competitive autostop uniform night hitchhiking across Brazil


In the past PASL created a set of competitive autostop rules & regulations with regard of the TransGlobal Race. The competition rules can be found here (English). An adapted version is in use of the German club (German).

A PASL member in Russia during a competitive autostop event

Competitive Autostop Union

In order to organize and connect the various international competitive autostop clubs and sports enthousiasts, there are ongoing efforts to form a Union of Competitive Autostop Clubs.

Regional Clubs

  • PASL, Петербургская Лига Автостопа (St. Petersburg Autostop League, Russia)
  • VHHC, Vilnius Hitch-Hiking Club (Lithuania)
  • DTSG, Deutsche Trampsport Gemeinschaft (German Competitive Autostop Community, Germany)
  • MKCA - Московская Команда Спортивного Автостопа (Moscow Team of Competitive Autostop, Russia)
  • (Name unknown) - Minsk (Belarus) has competitive autostop community, too


  • July 8, 2016 - DTSG race in the Black Forest, Germany
  • August 6, 2016 - Belarus Qualification Round (5000 km, Belarus & Northwest Russia)