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Since the homo sapiens are walking the earth, they've been using all kinds of routes to get from A to B. Like hundreds of years ago the Mongols went their way to invade Europe, or the Silk Road, which is still popular among hitchhikers to hitch this way, even these times when traveling in countries like Afghanistan is not the most popular tourist attraction. Also routes in the Americas are popular, like hitching the Panamerican highway, for example.

Anyway, below you can find some routes all over the world, with specific hitchhiking information on cities you pass by, difficulties with border crossings, and other useful information.

When we'll have a plethora of routes we'll probably need to find a more organized way to deal with this but for now you can create your own route by adding a new category to one of the cities on the way. You can add e.g. [[Category:Route Lyon to Balkans]] to Lyon.

See also long distance hitchhiking and (under Routes).

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