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Burlington is a college-town in Northwestern and largest city in Vermont, United States alongshore Lake Champlain. It is easiest to hitchhike out of Burlington either through gas stations, or at a bus stop, where drivers will have space to pull over.

North/South along the I-89 (St. Albans/Quebec Border or Montpelier)

Like most on-ramp in Burlington, the one to I-89 North (exit 14) nearest, and coming from the University of Vermont otherwise works as a funnel, without a shoulder along the road, so there is no space for the fast-moving/dense traffic to pull aside safely.

On the western side of the Interstate, you can try to hitch by the gas station and Mall that are located just by the on-ramp.

On the Eastern side of the Interstate, there is a possibility to hitch so that cars can pull in the entrance of the various shops preferably if you are heading north along the Interstate.

Burlington International Airport

Burlington Airport is a cheap fly-in/fly-out alternative to travel to Quebec without the Canadian Air cost restrictions, with most major Airlines (Northwest - Continental - United ...), the airport is located only 40 miles off the border at St-Armand, Monteregie. Landing at Burlington Airport, it is easy to walk along White Street until Williston Road to hitch at the entrance of the I-89.

Along Route 2

Along Route 7