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Bristol is biggest city in the south west UK.

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Hitching Out

From Stokes Croft, turn right on Ashley Rd until you hit a big roundabout. After the roundabout, just when the M32 starts, there is a long hard shoulder where cars can stop for you.

Alternative spot

Where the avon ring road (A4174) meets the M32 you can try to get a lift standing by the traffic lights next to the roundabout which is right before the slip road. (Which is better than M32 in center; but 7 km north of center.)

They have been rebuilding the start of the M32 in 2009. The only place to exit from central Bristol is near to "M32 Silvey Services" opposite Staples. Suggested to walk back 20-40 meters towards Bristol center – takes 1-2 hours to get a lift in daylight. In very light traffic (Sunday), you can catch cars as they leave the petrol service station.

The aforementioned petrol station seems to now be an excellent hitching spot and signing from just next to the exit, cars are able to pull in or pick you up as they leave the petrol station and whilst not all lanes can pick you up, you are highly visible and all cars will pass you(ie no further roundabouts until m32). Normally less than 15 minute wait, never known to be more than 40.

You can take a risk by hitching on the M32 / M4 roundabout to London – 8km from center, watch out for police who may move you.

Going north towards Birmingham/M5

There is a bus(number 309 or 310) that goes from the Bus Station to a village called Almondsbury which is really close to the M5 and also far away from the Bristol suburbs. This is for those annoyed by hitching around suburb traffic. Alternatively walk north along Gloucester Road and in about 7 miles you will get there.

Other useful information


If you need somewhere to stay or want to get in touch with squatters in Bristol try [ BHAM Bristol Housing Action Movement], every Monday 7pm at the Classic 35 stokes croft

Social center and co

[ Kebele Community Co-operative 14 Robertson Road, in Easton donation Base Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast, Bike workshop, Infoshop, library with free internet ect... Café Kino] the not-for-profit co-operative veggie café in Stoke Croft and [ The Factory Classic Free Shop, 35 Stoke Croft, next to a squatted art gallery in front of an anarchist book store who is also squatted. also Be sure to check out Stokes Croft, Bristol cultural quarter, where a lot of alternative culture and gorgeous graffiti and street art