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Bielsko-Biała is a city in Poland.

Hitching out

North towards Katowice E 75

Near the train station there is very popular hitching place at a bus stop. Another possibility is the petrol station close that bus stop.

East towards Cieszyn, Brno (Czech Republic) E 75 E 462

The express roads cross just near Tesco. To get there just take any bus from train station. There is also a free bus service for Tesco customers.

East towards Kraków (N52)

It is possible to hichhike close to Tesco but easier is to go from train station with bus #6 to the final stop Lipnik, or walk from the centre along the street 11-Listopad to the end and hichhike from start of Krakowska street. It is not allowed but common.

South towards Zywiec, Slovakia (N69)

Take the bus #2 from the train station in the direction Mikuszowice-Stalownik. At the last stop or the second-last, you can hitchhike from the bus stop.