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Bern is the de-facto capital of Switzerland.

Hitching out

Direction north (Basel, Zürich, Biel, Luzern)

Option 1

From the train station, take the bus #11 to Neufeld P+R to the last station (You can use a short distance ticket for 2,- CHF.). Walk 5 minutes to a roundabout with a nice hard shoulder. You should use a sign, as there is a lot of local traffic.

Option 2

From the train station, take the bus #20 to the station Wyler (buy a ticket 'zone 1-2' for 3.80 CHF). Walk 200m on the left side of the street (on your right you see a huge stadium, then cross the big crossroads. Right there you see a bus stop (Bus #28) where there is enough space for cars to stop. Use a sign! Cars driving past there can go to Zurich, Basel, Biel, Luzern,... You can take any lift to get onto the highway (A1), right after Bern (3min) there is the service area "Grauholz" where you can change quite easily.


Bern seems to have only one hostel, which is located in the town center, 5 minutes walking from the parliament building. Prices are about 30 CHF per night. Check out their website.

There is an emergency sleeping place called Sleeper, where you can get a bed for 5.-, breakfast included. But they only accept people in an emergency, not people who actually could afford a hostel bed. Check-in times are from 10pm-1am and you can stay till 10am. Be there soon enough, especially in winter time. You can't make reservations.


Breakfast: Monday-Friday at Aufenthaltsraum, Postgasse 35. Opening times 8.30-11.30am with free breakfast, and 2.30-5.30pm with free coffee, tea,... Postgasse is located in the lower old town, close to the (bus #12 stop) Rathaus.

Lunch: Tuesday-Friday and Sunday at 12.30pm at La Prairie, Sulgeneckstrasse 7. It costs 5 CHF, if you can't afford that you can work for it in the kitchen. From the main trainstation go to the park "Kleine Schanze", on the right side of the park there is the street Sulgeneckstrasse and La Prairie just 50m from there.

Dinner/Supper: Every day from 6pm-8pm at the Sleeper. It costs 5 CHF. The place is located at Neubrückstrasse 19. From the main trainstation, walk towards Bollwerk/Reitschule. Go behind the Reitschule building, cross two streets and you will see it. Bus 11 or 21 stop there, the stop is called Henkerbrünnli (which means Hangman's spring).


The Dutch football team will play its group matches during Euro 2008 in Bern. During the event many Dutch football fans place their tents and of course their famous caravans, often pained in orange, on the "Orange camping" in Bern. In their Dutch advertising campaign Heineken shows Dutch football fans on their way to Bern, including a shot of an "Orange" supporter, who is hitchhiking with a sign "Bern", and just gets picked up during the TV-commercial.