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<map lat="53.000617119377" lng="6.5560285972912" zoom="11" />
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Drenthe.png
Population: 67,329
Major roads: A28 E 232
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Assen is a city in the Netherlands. It's the capital of the most rural Dutch province called Drenthe. It's located around 30km south of Groningen.

Hitching out

North towards Groningen / South towards Zwolle

For both directions the on-ramp 33 Assen-Centrum/West works best. From the city centre, walk in western direction along the canal. After some time you'll have the northbound on-ramp on your right. For southbound cross under the highway and turn right until you hit the roundabout.

To Do

Around 5km west of the city centre you can find the Fochteloërveen, one of the biggest bog areas still remaining in the Netherlands. At the south side there's a lookout tower from where you have a nice view on the whole area.