Art of Hitchhiking (Collection)

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Art of Hitchhiking – a collection of works inspired by the roads is the first exhibition that features contemporary artists inspired by hitchhiking.

The exhibition is at Warsztat Warszawski, Warsaw , from the 17th to the 21st of May 2017.

The event gathers 15 artists from 11 countries coming with artworks reflecting on the subject of hitchhiking. Each artist comes with its own experience of hitchhiking and its own focus such as hitchhikers, drivers, their stories, the chaos of the journey or the fragility felt by the hitchhikers…

The idea of such an exhibition came from the observation that contemporary artists inspired by hitchhiking have never been gathered in one exhibition. A very successful call for participants has been posted in Polish, English, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish. From this call, the most interesting artworks are displayed during the exhibition.

Selected art projects vary from black and white analog photos to installations and clothes design. The exhibition is accompanied as well with 4 conferences and workshops.