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Australia > Adelaide
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<map lat="-34.92866000000011" lng="138.59863000000328" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Australia
State: South Australia
Population: 1.158.000
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Adelaide is a city in Australia. It is the largest city and capital of the state of South Australia.

Hitchhiking out

North or West towards Alice Springs

In order to get rides North or West, you need to get to the A1.

There are 2 main options:

  1. There's a big truckstop / petrol station a few km out of town, just after the caravan park, where lots of trucks stop. It would be a good place to ask the drivers and catch a ride. Asking for a ride to Port Augusta might be a good idea.
    I waited in that station for about 15 minutes and got a ride to Port Augusta and from there a ride all the way to Perth.
    I think is the caravan park with station next to it
  2. You can also stand on a random bus stop or other place along the A1 and try to hitch from there. You can get there with bus number 224 or 225 from King William st. in town. But try to avoid that if possible, it can get hot, there's no shelter and people are not keen on stopping.

Option 3 I didn't find the truck stop that these vague directions above gave me but I found a good space for hitching.

From the centre of town get a train ticket to Salisbury Interchange. The train is quite regular even on a sunday so you can relax about getting there. From the Salisbury Interchange get the bus. During the week the 900 will take you right to the intersection of Port Wakefield and Waterloo Roads (map). In the weekend the 401 will get you near there and if you have a nice bus driver like i did might take you up to the roundabout to save you some walking. The intersection has traffic lights on a quick cycle so the traffic is reasonably slow and there is a large area along the side to pull into.

Southeast towards Melbourne

Heading towards Melbourne, you could wait for a lift on Glen Osmond Road before it joins the South Eastern Freeway (which is also the Princes Highway), or further out of town along this highway at Crafers or Stirling. A number of bus lines including the 840, 841F, 861, 863, or 864 can drop you off at the intersection of Cross Road and Glen Osmond Road, or further at Crafers, Stirling. At the Cross/Glen Osmond intersection is still in city-area on a two-lane road, with a lot of local traffic and not very good visibility for cars to see the hitchhiker anywhere around this intersection until they are very close, further along you can stand at Crafers or Stirling small on-ramps to the highway which have less traffic but all are entering the highway and out of the city area.

In one hitcher's experience, after the Glen Osmond intersection there isn't really space to stand by the road, but the buses also go further along the freeway through Crafers, Arbury, Stirling and Mount Barker and you can try getting off any of these. The first stop out of town is stop 16 and is just a small road with not so much traffic but you can have luck walking a few metres past the petrol station to stand before the ramp back onto the freeway (one hitcher waited just 15 mins here). You could also take the bus further and find spots to stand at Crafers, Arbury, Stirling or Mount Barker where there will be more traffic.

In another hitcher's experience at the Glen Osmond intersection, mid-morning Saturday was the best time to find long rides. During the week much of the traffic is local and not good for an inter-city trip. You could also aim to get a lift toward's "Murray Bridge" (outside of Adelaide but in the direction of Melbourne) and get dropped off on a downhill section of the highway. Many trucks will pass you/pick you up heading to Melbourne. Another hitcher found it difficult to get a ride from the intersection on the edge of the city, but rather had more luck taking the bus to a place just a little further out along the highway.

Things To Do In Adelaide

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