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Alice Springs
<map lat="-23.697479999999846" lng="133.88362000000444" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Australia
State: Northern Territory
Population: 21.600
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Alice Springs is a city in Australia, kinda in the middle of the country, surrounded by desert.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Darwin

Go to the northern part of town, there is a large pull over area opposite the Department of Transport and Vehicles on the opposite side. Which means that much traffic heading towards will be pulling in there. However, as there is pretty much nothing between Alice Springs, except for the the Three Ways turnoff, you can be assured of a long ride. It took David only 45 minutes to get a ride

South towards Adelaide, Yulura and Alice Springs Airport

South of Alice there is a big rotary traffic (near the gap of the hills surrounding Alice) from there just head about 500 meters south and you'll find a quite good spot behind a crossroad. There is quite a lot of local traffic as well, but it's easy to get a lift to the airport or to the crossroad where the Stuart Hwy splits from the road to the Airport. Just behind the crossroad there's an awesome spot for hitch-hiking south to Adelaide and Yulura.

Accommodation and Sleep

There don't seem to be too many CSing hosts in Alice Springs, but you should be. There is also about 6 backpacker hostels in town. Sleeping outside is not recommended in Alice Springs, from what people told me when I was there, it is not safe at all