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A2 (Poland)

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The A2 in Poland is a motorway which currently runs from Świecko at the Polish-German border to Warszawa, where it connects to the S8. It is 456 km long, with a planned total length of 620km. The finished part of the A2 is a toll road all the way, with toll booths placed along the way. These can be used perfectly for hitchhiking further. Be aware though that guards will send you away if you're not hitchhiking from a parking place next to the toll booth.

It is part of the European road E 30 which connects all the way from Ireland to Russia.

Hitching the A2

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border crossing * connection to the A 12
    service station Świecko
(3)   Świecko
    service station Sosna     service station Gliniec
(21)   Rzepin
(35)   Torzym
    service station Rogoziniec     service station Chociszewo
(92)   Trzciel
  (good) (108)   Nowy Tomyśl   (good)
    service station Zalesie     service station Sędzinko
(140)   Buk
(153)   Poznań-Zachód S 11
(159)   Poznań-Komorniki
(164)   Poznań-Luboń
(170)   Poznań-Krzesiny S 11
    service station Krzyżowniki     service station Tulce
(180)   Poznań-Wschód S 5
(208)   Wrześina
(229)   Słupca
(243)   Sługocin
    service station Osiecza south     service station Osiecza north
(257)   Konin-Zachód
(262)   Konin-Wschód
(286)   Koło
    service station Łęka     service station Police
(303)   Dąbie
(320)   Wartkowice
    service station Chrząstów south     service station Chrząstów north
(343)   Emilia
(350)   Zgierz
(361)   Stryków
(363)   Łódź-Północ A 1
    service station MOP Nowostawy     service station MOP Niesułków
(385)   Łowicz
    service station MOP Parma     service station MOP Polesie
(398)   Skierniewice
(439)   Grodzisk Mazowiecki
    service station Brwinów south     service station Brwinów north
(451)   Pruszków
(456)   Konotopa S 8



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