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November Newsletter

things to do before sending

Get the email list

  • Must have someone on-site

The project need to have some consistence for the first issue of the magazine "Random Roads"

The Newsletter itself

This newsletter is targeted at participants of the 888 project and/or to people that showed interest in 789 project. It deals mainly with planning the event. Input from everyone is welcome.

The vote on the forum / Reaching a consensus

There's already a vote going on on the forum. We feel like this vote should not be binding but rather consultative. The best would be to reach a consensus through discussion and keep the vote for last resort (if we can't agree).

So we keep the voting open as a permanent opinion survey (you can edit your vote). Most people voted for Ukraine, mainly Odessa. So it looks like it'll be Ukraine, but if you're convinced that another place is so much better, make yourself heard.

Local welcome

One particularly sensible point is: how the local citizenry and administration feel towards us. If the third most popular choice shows to have a really cool mayor that wants nothing more than a crowd of hitch-hikers, then we believe we should go for them.

For that, we need support from the local communities. It would be a good idea to contact the local people with whatever tool available in the, say top 6 cities, and see if they can find an arrangement with the people they elected.