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6-8-10, hitchhiking is...
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May Newsletter

  • Location Scouting continues

So far we decided to meet in somewhere Portugal. But where? At the moment we had two main proposals that are under "investigation": Tomar and Aljezur. Unfortunately Sintra is not available anymore.

At the same time, Shaun is traveling in Spain and Portugal looking for the right spot. If you know of a possible good place, log in and contact him directly or let us know in any way.

  • Flyers

We printed 5000 flyers to promote the gathering. The flyer is made as a postcard with some general information about the gathering.

You can give the card to your driver when hitching to Portugal and the flyer is to be given to as many people as possible who might want to take the challenge to join our gathering.

Your initiative is needed to distribute this flyer! Currently we have hubs in Amsterdam, Bristol, Berlin, Blois, and someone wandering along Spain and Portugal that can delivery flyers there as well .

We made a special page that offers an overview on where flyers currently are, who to contact and who wants to have flyers. We are especially looking for people who can take the function as a hub to redistribute the flyers to all areas in Europe and maybe even beyond!

Do you want to have flyers, please make your request, just log in and click on share lightfoot. Or, if you are in the area, come to the pre-meeting in Berlin (Friday, 28th of May) to get some for further distribution.

If you are unable to locate or get in touch with a lightfoot deputy, we can have flyers send to you. You can choose as many flyers you want and we hope to meet everyone's wishes. (NEED MORE DETAILS)

  • Pre-meeting in Berlin on May, 28 & promotion at the Road Junky Travel Film Festival

On the date 28-30 of May the Road Junky Travel Film Festival will occur in Berlin (different entry fees each day: check their facebook page to see the program.

Many of us will be in the city or around that area, so we decided to organize a pre-meeting on Friday 28th of May. We will gather at the Rigaer105 (TeaHouse) starting from 6 pm.

At 8.00 there is a Voku with a 2 euro suggested donation.

The meeting will be the occasion to:

- talk about the latest news and about further organization (location scouting; web-promotion; press release; what to do in Barcelona and Portugal; ...)

-decide together how we want to promote the 6810 at the Road Junky Festival

-distribute flyers for further lightfoot delivery and for friendly promotion.

Beside all of this, the meeting wants to be the occasion to get to know each other or to reconnect with already-well-known friends.

If you are planning to be in Berlin during those days and you want to meet with us (even if you are not planning to attend the RoadJunky Festival), sign up on the event or contact (SOMEONE W A MOBILE PHONE).

Spring Newsletter #1

send out: 03/02/2010 - 19:12

Meteorological spring just started in Europe a few days back, which means that the spring/summer hitchhiking season 2010 just started!

For all the folks out there, a group of enthusiastic hitchhikers has started to organize on the next big event this summer: The European Hitchhiking Gathering 2010, short 6/8/10.

On August 6, 2010 we want to gather again somewhere in Europe to celebrate the freedom of the road, connect with the community and spread the word about one of the best ways of transportation there is.

A location has not been determined yet - for that we just started a voting on the official website: http://hitchgathering.org (the same as the previous website, except the name is different now).

We would love to see everybody voting for his/her favorite location. If you want your location added to the voting, give your voice at the discussion on hitchwiki: http://hitchwiki.org/en/6810

As always the gathering will be organized in an open, horizontal way, which means everybody who wants to contribute in the planning of the event is welcome to join!

The weekend of March 13/14, 2010, we are meeting in the heart of Berlin to push forward the development of the event. On http://hitchgathering.org you can find the current discussions & can sign up for the coordination meeting.

We wish you all a good start onto the roads of the world, warm highways and safe rides. Spread the word!

- The Community

April 2010

During the weekend of the 13th and 14th of March, a handful of hitchhikers met up in Berlin to kick off the coordination of the next European Hitchhiking Gathering. This newsletter is here to tell you what happened during the last month.

Our goals

The main points were:

  • To promote the concept of hitchhiking in European society
  • To stimulate the community of hitchhikers.
  • To have a good time doing the above, while travelling and meeting old and new friends.

The destination

At the meeting we soon attacked the big question that was on the tip of everyone's tongues: WHERE?

After various discussions, we agreed to follow the result of the on-line location polling at the gathering website. If no support(logistical, locational, etc.) was to be found after one month, the choice would fall subsequently the next on the list until a suitable location with the required support was located.

After polling closed it was determined that, if everything goes well, we'll meet you on the 6th of August 2010 in Portugal: The End of Europe.

Currently we are connected with local hitchhikers in Portugal who are actively in search for a meeting place. If you also have connections in Portugal, don't hesitate to contact the coordination teams in the hitchgathering* forums.

A necessary passage to Portugal is Spain (aka: the Gorilla in the room) and the general impression is that this country is in need of a lot of hitchhiking promotion.

Thus: We also invite all hitchhikers to converge in Barcelona on Sunday August 1st, 2010. Monday, the 2nd, will be our day reach out to the people and media. Afterwards we'll leave the city and all meet again on 06/08/10 Somewhere in Portugal, where we can spend the weekend together, with all such worldly concerns many hundreds of kilometres and another country away. There's not even any need to meet in large centres as in previous years.

Money Money Money

The previous editions of the festival were realized with almost no budget, the rest paid for by the volunteers. After a long (and painful) discussion, we reached a sort of consensus to stay away from any official sponsorship or public funds. We have good hope that the various hitchhiking clubs of Europe will provide us with some financial support, as has been done for previous gatherings.


Three major pieces were produced: A short 789* movie by Mitch, a couple of 6.8.10 logo designs by Sandra and a poster/flyer by Heather. We brainstormed many ideas for promotion and you can help with new ideas on the coordination forum of the website. We're now up to print a bunch of flyers and distribute them to everybody by means of lightfoot or snail mail. More information on this coming soon.


Our main coordination tool is now the hitchgathering website. For an ongoing list of updated features please refer to the wiki pages.


The content of the website is translatable in as many language as we want, which means "so many languages as we have a translator for". If you know a language, you can translate any content on the site by clicking the "translate" tab on top. You need to be logged in.