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<map lat="29.496300000000176" lng="60.86289999999989" zoom="7" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Iran
State: Sistan and Baluchestan
Population: 640.000
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Towards Pakistan (Taftan)

June 2012: Khatam square is a roundabout from where one road is going to the Airport and the other soon turns into he highway that leads directly to the border. I honestly do not know how to get there by public transport because I was escorted there by the police. As a foreigner, especially a girl, you are not allowed to stay with the locals in Zahedan and surely not allowed to go to the border alone: you must take a taxi and an armed escort at the police station. The police took my passport and didn't know what to do with me because I said that I had no money for the taxi and wanted to 'go by truck'. 4 hours and 1 call to the embassy later, they took me to their station on the road to the border where I just started hitchhiking. The armed soldier had nothing else to do but follow me (still holding my passport). We changed 3 or 4 cars along the way because he was checking in my passport at the checkpoints.

If you insist that you're out of money and your credit card doesn't work in Iran (which is true!) and ask the police to bring you to the road towards the border, it might work out pretty well.