Yellow Springs

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Yellow Springs is a small town in the United States.

Why go to Yellow Springs?

With an official population of just over that of a modern day hamlet, it's easy to see why anyone not form the area would pass up on perhaps one of the best small towns in America! Like a mass approaching the event horizon of a singularity, from the outside world Yellow Springs looks as though it came to a standstill some while ago, or at the very least slowed way down! Because of its mastery over time dilation and founding as the point example of utopian society, Yellow Springs has managed to remain an unchanging point of convergence for Artists, Poets, Barefoot Hippies, and Nature Lovers alike!

Hitching In

There are naturally many roads that lead into and out of Yellow Springs, none of which are interstates. If however you are traveling by interstate, the best way to get in is by getting onto I-675 and taking the exit for Dayton Yellow Springs Rd (#20) There is a newly commercialized shopping center just off the exit, with lots of traffic. From here it's quite easy to find rides into Yellow Springs, as it's only 8 or so miles down the road heading East. I-675 connects I-70 (EW North of Dayton) and I-75 (NS West of Dayton), so if you're heading on either of those towards Dayton it's easy to make the jump to I-675 and follow the above. If, however, interstates just aren't your bag, there are plenty of country roads crisscrossing in every conceivable direction between the many small towns surrounding Dayton. If you just happened into one these towns, ie. Troy, Piqua, Tipp City, New Carlisle, etc. it Is very easy to stand on an exit road heading in the general direction of Yellow Springs and find a ride at least to the next town (1 town closer to YS!) then repeat.

Hitching Out

As Yellow Springs is a popular destination for citizens of Dayton and surrounding towns, I have found there to be a steady stream of hitch hiker friendly traffic both into YS and back to the Dayton Metro area; just position yourself on the appropriate street direction.

North to Springfield or South to Xenia: Stand on Xenia St.

West to Dayton and I-675 or East to... well nowhere: Stand on Dayton St.

Bonus Material

After enjoying lunch with a friend in Tipp City one fine day, we decided to go to Yellow Springs... Hitchhiking! The following is what ensued: Enjoy!!!