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<map lat="40.809798728828" lng="44.49139432656" zoom="14" view="4" float="right" height="300" width ="300" country="Armenia" />

Vanadzor, situated on the Pambak River, is the administrative capital of the Lori region in Northern Armenia. It is an ideal city from which to hitch-hike, as it conveniently sits along the M-3/M-6 motorway (the main Yerevan – Georgian border road). It is a very useful jumping off point for hitch-hiking to and from the monasteries.

Hitching out

North towards Alaverdi, South towards Yerevan

From the city centre / central square head down Khorenatsi Street towards the main train station, which is located near the river. Turn right onto Kayarani Street. The bridge located next to the Holy Mother of God Church and about 100 metres along the riverside is the only one out of town. Cross it and you will be on the M-6 and turn left, towards Yerevan or right, towards Alaverdi, and stick your thumb out.


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