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Hello i deleted North Caucasian Federal District and some other useless pages without any relation to hitchiking. You can find more info and pitcures in google - dxc 5 febr 2o21

dxc The fact that there is more info elsewhere is no reason to delete something from here. The information was very relevant to hitchhiking through the region 10 years ago. If it's not up to date, please change accordingly, or point out to the ways it's not up to date.

Why not to move a SHORT version of useful info about this district into the main Russia article???? - dxc 5 febr 2o21


Hi Rozwal! Thanks for your contributions! I'm curious about the trajectory of your RTW trip. Where are you planning to go? guaka 06:48, 13 November 2011 (CET)

Hey Guaka! You are welcome, I am glad to help a bit. Till the end of December I am travelling around Balkans and from January on I head to Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and then Southern Caucasus and Northern one. From there on through Russia and Central Asia I will go all the way to the Far East, from where down to Australia, hitching boats through Pacific to Americas, and then back to Europe through Africa maybe. Let's see how it goes and whether I manage to fulfill this plan! :) rozwal 13:11, 17 November 2011 (CET)


Hello, you claim that when you left Abkhazia for Russia, there was no way they could see, where you came from. But I think you must have an entry stamp from Georgia with no matching exit-stamp? At least, that was the case when I went to Abkhazia last year. I didn't try to enter Russia though. Also, if you now still have only the entry-stamp of Georgia, that will probably mean that you can't go to Georgia again with this passport, because you broke Georgian law. --MrTweek 09:26, 21 April 2012 (CEST)

Hey Tweek!
1. Yes, you are right if they really wanted to trace where I was coming from they could. Either in the way you explained, or by seeing that I have no entry stamp to Russia from a recent time. But on the first glance they won't see it, especially when you have lots of stamps and visas. More importantly, they probably assume - I guess - that you came from Russia and nothing will tell them that I did not unless they scrutinise passports very patiently. Furthermore, they could just ask me, right? I wouldn't lie I guess, cause they could verify it.. My guess is that they just assume that you came from Russia and do not ask any questions. From what I have seen they do not register you at Psou border, they just looked at my passport, my visa and they let me go.
2. For Georgia I am not sure if even changing the passport will help... they have pretty well-organised computer system. Upon going to Georgia again I guess I will contact both my embassy in Tbilisi and Georgian in Warsaw to ask about possible consequences. Have you heard any reports about people ACTUALLY travelling again to Georgia after leaving Abkazia for Russia as I did? Maybe I broke the law but in fact no one will care about it, who knows?:) --rozwal 16:22 2012-04-21
About a year ago, I found a news article about a Russian traveller who got sentenced to 4 years in prison, for that. I can't find it again now. But that still might be a difference:
First, I can imagine, that they are much more serious about Russian travellers, as Russia is like "the evil enemy" for the Georgian government.
Second, maybe he has entered Georgia from Abkhazia in the first place, which means he has no entry stamp. I guess entering a country illegally is much worse than leaving it illegally. Then again, as there is a Georgian checkpoint at the border in Gal, I don't see why they would even have let him enter the "real" Georgia.
And in general, I can't imagine they are so strict with some backpackers nowadays. But yeah, definitely ask their embassy. If you have a new passport, you shouldn't have a problem. They will have no proof of what you did and it could just have been a computer mistake.
--MrTweek 11:03, 22 April 2012 (CEST)