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I'm a student and hitchhiker from Guildford near London in the UK, and currently live in Sheffield. I was part of the committee that runs Bummit - a society at the university of sheffield that runs the word's biggest student charity hitchhike with hundreds of participants annually. I'm really passionate about hitchiking and have used it as my main form of long distance traffic within the UK.

Here I will keep a list of all the hitches I have ever made

Start Drop off Wait time Vehicle Notes
Sheffield somewhere near the canals Leicester forest east services
Leicester forest east services Toddington services
Toddington services Thurrock services
Sheffield Sheaf St M1 jnct 34
M1 jnct 34 northbound on-slip Wooley edge
Wooley edge Durham services
Durham services Newcastle city centre
Newcastle Jesmond Rd North shields ferry port
Amsterdam hitchplatz Hilversum services 20m
Hilversum services ___ services 1hr30
___ services Holten 30m
Almelo rlly sta B&B 0m
Almelo south ___ petrol sta 50m
___ petrol sta Hengelo (hotel) 40m MMC
Helgelo (hotel) services before Oldenzaal 5m WC
services before Oldenzaal Magdegan services 1hr30 ML
Magdegen services Berlin Ferch Lienewitz rlly sta 1hr MV initially signed for Magdegen not Berlin
Berlin Michendorf services Poznan services 35m WC
Poznan services Poznan 40m WGC
Poznan south Koscian 1hr40
Koscian Lezno petrol sta 0m WC
Lezno petrol sta Psie Pole 5m
Psie Pole Wroclaw hostel 10m MC
Psie Pole Lodz 40m MWC
Lodz Kutno 40m WWC
Kutno Torun 1hr30 MWBC 1hr30
Torun Grudziadz toll 2h MWC though only 5m once at a good spot
Grudziadz toll Losin 10m MC
Losin Kisielice 1hr20
Kisielice Olsztyn 5m
Olsztyn Mragowo 15m
Mragowo Elk 0m
Elk Augustov 40m
Augustov past Suwalki 1hr
past Suwalki Kryzkalnis 30m MV
Kryskalnis Siauliai 5m MMC
Siauliai Joniskis 40m MWC
Joniskis Riga 15m MC
Sheffield Saville St before jnct w Spital Hill M1 jnct 34 15m
M1 jnct 34 Wooley edge services 30m
Wooley edge services Scotch corner services 20m competition
Scotch corner services Dunbar 1hr45 had competition
Sheffield Shoreham St Tibshelf 15m
Tibshelf Leicester forest east 30m
Leicester forest east Watford gap 15m
Watford gap Chesham rlly sta 15m
Chiswick roundabout Heston services 20m
Heston services Bristol 2hr45
Bristol cribbs causeway Michaelwood services 2hr
Michaelwood services Trowell services 45m
Trowell services Sheffield hunter's bar 1hr15
Sheffield Saville St before jnct w Spital Hill M1 jnct 34 30m
M1 jnct 34 Wooley Edge services 1hr 30min fail near the junction, success near McD
Wooley Edge North Shields ferry port 2hr MWC went a very long way out of their way
Amsterdam Amstelveenseweg Amsterdam zuidoost jnct 3 1hr30 MC unlucky
Amsterdam zuidoost jnct 3 Utrecht 5m MC
Utrecht Bunnik Services near Venlo 5m
Services near Venlo Bamburger services 1hr30
Bamburger services Services outside Mainz 50m
Services outside Mainz Mainz 45m rejected a few lifts to Mainz at first but then decided to take one
Heidelberg center Services south of Stuttgart 5m
Services south of Stuttgart Ulm services 5m
Ulm services Augsburg services 45m
Augsburg services Munich 35m MMC offered many lifts with < 3 spaces
Munich Machtlfingerstrasse Stamberg 20m MWC
Stamberg Weilheim 15m
Weilheim Murnau 15m
Murnau Garmisch 20 MWC 2 stopped at once!
Garmish Sterzing/Vipiteno 15m MC
Sterzing/Vipiteno Toll before Brixen 15m
Toll before Brixen Brunico 15m
Brunico Hotel Dolomitenhof 20m
Hotel Dolomitenhof Udine 15m WC
Udine centre (eastern ring) South of Udine 1hr MWC
South of Udine Buttrio 40m MC
Buttrio San Giovanni 35m
San Giovanni Ronchi dei Legionari 35m
Ronchi dei Legionari Trieste 15m MC
Trieste Zadar 5m MWC
Zadar Pakostane 1hr10
Pakostane Sibenik 15m
Sibenik Split 25m ML
Eindhoven Floraplein Heerlen 5m MC
Maastricht Viaductweg rlly bridge Eindhoven 30m MC
London Staples corner Northampton services 30m
Northampton services Sheffield 5m MC
Sheffield ring road after interchange with Wicker Failure 40m rejected 2 offers to parkway/M1 junction
Sheffield Shoreham street M1 jnct 31 (Aston/Worksop) 20m rejected 1 offer to parkway/M1 junction
M1 junction 31 from Worksop direction failed 35m bad place do not try
M1 junction 31 from Sheffield direction Woodall services 20m MMV better
Woodall services Oxford rlly station 0m MC man noticed I was hitchhiking before I started and offered!
Paris Aire de Lisses Chalon-sur-Saone 15m MWC
Chalon-sur-Saone Chalon-sur-Saone outskirts 10m MV
Chalon-sur-Saone outskirts Tournus 5m MFV
Tournus Macon 3m
Macon Somewhere 3m
Somwhere Belleville peage 5m MWC
Belleville peage Lyon centre 3m MC
L'isle D'abeau peage Grenoble 2m MC
Vizelle toll Bourg d'oisans 20sec
Bourg d'oisans La Paute 5m MWC
La Paute Bourg d'oisans 5m MC
Bourg d'oisans Le Clapier 10m WWC
Le Clapier Bottom of Les 2 Alpes 35m MV But only 2m once sign changed from La Grave to Mont de Lans
Bottom of Les 2 Alpes Villar d'Arrene 3m MC
Casset Briancon 3m MV
Briancon Savines-le-Lac 2m MWC
Savines-le-Lac Les Chappas 5m MV 1m when sign changed from Saint Vincent to La Sauze
Les Chappas 1m MC
Montclar 4m MBC
Montclar Seyne 15m MC
Seyne Aix-en-Provence 15m MWC
Montpellier obelisk Cassis 4m MV
Cassis Montpellier Obelisk 3m MC
Frankfurt Hahn airport Wiesenbad 30m MC
services near Wiesenbad Frankfurt 2h MC initially rejected a few lifts to FF in hope of going further but later gave in and took one
Nurnburg spot 1 Fail 1h45
Nurnburg spot 2 Leipzig outskirts 10m MWWC much better spot
Leipzig Leipzig outskirts 20m WC
Leipzig outskirts first services 1hr30 MC
first services Wroclaw 3m MWC offered accomodation
Wroclaw Lodz services MC
Lodz services Torun toll 15m MV
Torun toll car park Gdansk outskirts 15m WC seemed very quiet but only 15m
Copenhagen spot first services 3m MC
first services Koege 1hr15 MC Bad decision, hw says not to. Offered 2 lifts heading W not S
Puttgarten first services 30m ML Was lucky. Lift was going to Koeln but had to sleep.
first services Hamburg 15m MC Great lift. Services was vvv quiet but maybe played in my favour. Car no 3.
Hamburg services a services 1hr20 MV not great. Offered 1 to Hannover
a services another services 10m MC
another services near Recklingshausen 25m MWC lift was going to NL but stopped for dinner (#130)
Sheffield shoreham street Tibshelf services MV
Tibshelf services Leicester forest east 2h MV Accidently rejected a WC lift to Trowell services after 1hr20
Leicester forest east Alexandra palace MC
Sheffield Shoreham street Leicester forest east 2h MC Had competition. With 2 girls
Leicester forest easy Chiveley services 2h MC
Chiveley services Bristol 5m MC
Cribbs causeway Gordano services 1hr20 WC Should have stuck it out and waited for a northbound lift
Gordano services Fail 1hr30 Offered plenty of lifts southbound
Bristol new hitching spot Gloucester services 20m MC
Gloucester services Sheffield Meadowhall 20m MC
Sheffield Shoreham Street fail 30m gave in due to rain
Sheffield Shoreham Street Woodall services 1hr WC
Woodall services Northampton services 15m ML
Northampton services Toddington services 25m MMWC
Toddington services outside Bluewater shopping centre 1hr MC
outside Bluewater Medway services 3m WC objectively best hitching spot in the UK I've used
Medway services fail 1hr30 in evening
Medway services Port of Dover 10m ML 5 in a lorry! 5am
on the Calais ferry Brugge services n/a MWC
Brugge services Ghent MMWC accomodation
Evergen crossing s. of Evergen 15m MGC
crossing s. of Evergen Antwerp outskirts 10m MC great Muslim geeza
Antwerp turnhouseport jnct Geel- 20m MV
jnct Geel-Oost Maasmechelen petrol sta 1m MC
Maasmechelen petrol sta petrol sta just inside NL-DE border 30m MC 10m once sign changed from DE to Heerlen
petrol sta just inside NL-DE border Frechen services 10m WC
Frechen services Koeln outskirts 15m MC
Koeln Koenigsfoerst services a Bobby & Fritz 45m MC 5m once stood outside doors of station
a Bobby & Fritz Nurnberg 30m MC
Nurnberg 3 petrol sta.s ___ services 1hr MMMV
___ services Prague outskirts 30m MC (#160)
Budapest hitching spot Timisoara 20m MC police moved us back to bus stop from clear hitching spot
Timisoara Faget 30m MC
Faget Margina 10m MC
Margina Alba Iulia 3m WC
Alba Iulia Aiud 1m MC once local competition was gone
Aiud Turda 1m MC once locals pointed us to the spot
Turda Cluj-Napoca 2m MC once on right side of road (lol)
Gorliz Armintza 10m MC
Armintza Bakio 15m MV first car that came in 15m gave the lift!
Bakio Bermeo 0m MMC gave accommodation & key!
Mundaka Bermeo 5m MC
Bermeo Gaztelugatxe 25m MBC
Gaztelugatxe fail 15m then the bus came
Bermeo Mundaka 5m WGC
Mundaka Gurnika 5m WC
Gurnika Lekeito 10m MV
Lekeito Ondarroa 25m MC very very quiet
Ondarroa Mutriku 10m MC
Mutriku Deba 5m MC
Deba fail 15m
Andorra la vella fail 15m felt weird, should have been easy but bad vibe
Edinburgh Hillend Lancaster east services 40m MWWC
Lancaster east services Rivington services 15m MMV #180
Rivington services Manchester piccadilly 5m MC
Staple's corner London gateway 45m MMC initially was aiming for Toddington and rejected one to Luton airport, one to Hemel Hempstead truckstop, and two to Watford
London gateway Sheffield Eccy road 0m MC he hailed me!
Sheffield Manchester road Broomhill fail 30m
Sheffield Manchester road past Crosspool Motram moor/top 30m MC
Motram Denton 10m MKC (K kid)
Denton Swinton 45m MC
Swinton Rivington services 2m MC
Rivington services Lancaster services 50m
Lancaster services Burton in Kendal services 2hr MC should have probably tried asking more
Burton in Kendal services Penrith 1hr MC #190
Sheffield Crosspool Yorkshire bridge (ladybower) 15m MC
Yorkshire bridge Glossop 5m MC
Glossop Denton 10m MC
Denton Rivington services 5m MC
Rivington services Southwaite services 25m MC
Southwaite services Lesmahagow 15m MC
Lesmahagow Glasgow 15m coach
Bothwell services M6/A69 junct. 5m coach
M6/A69 junct. Newcastle 1m MV
Windermere Ambleside 1m MV #200
Grasmere Ambleside 15m MKKC
Rydal fail 15m
Somewhere in Jamtland Somewhere in Jamtland 5m MC
Somewhere in Jamtland Somewhere in Jamtland 5m WC
Somewhere in Jamtland Somewhere in Jamtland 5m WC
Staples Corner London Gateway 15m MV Partybus!
London Gateway Leicester Forest East 20m MC
Leicester Forest East Sheffield 20m MWC
Sheffield before parkway roundabout, DD way Leicester forest east 40mm MC rejected one to rotherham
Leicester Forest East Watford gap 15m MC
Watford gap Watford train sta 20m MWC rejected one to Luton, one around the M25
Staples Corner Toddington services 0m MC went a bit out of the way, 0m wait at staples corner!
Toddington services Meadowhall interchange 25m MC went a long way out of the way
Sheffield Rivelin Valley Rd (Hollins Rd bridge) Yorkshire bridge 15m MC
Yorkshire bridge Glossop 7m WC
Sheffield Crosspool Yorkshire Bridge 0m WC
Yorkshire Bridge Mottram petrol sta 6m MC
Mottram petrol sta Prestwich (M60 jct 17) 10 MV
Prestwich (M60 jct 17) Rivington services 45m MC
Rivington services Tickled trout junction 40m MC
Tickled trout junction Abington services 1h MC
Sheffield Shoreham Street M1 jct 34 (Meadowhall) 50m MC rejected 2 to parkway
M1 jct 34 slip Tibshelf services 10m MC
Tibshelf services Northampton services 20m MC
Northampton services Chobham services 0m MWC
Chobham services Clackett Lane services 15m MC
Clackett Lane services Maidstone services 45m MC rejected 2 to M20 junctions before Maidstone
Maidstone services Calais 0m MCamper
Calais south junction eastbound fail 30m rejected 1 to Dunkirk
Calais south junction westbound Aire de 2 Caps 20m MC
Aire de 2 Caps Paris Cergy 25m MC
Paris Porte d'Orleans attempt 1 fail 30m
Paris Porte d'Orleans attempt 2 fail 15m
Paris Massy slip fail 45m slip road closed, diversion v quiet. Offered 2 back in to Paris
Briis-sous-Forges most of the way to the Aire 0m WC
Aire de Limours-Janvy Aire de Orleans-Saran 10m MC
Aire de Orleans-Saran Aire de Tours la Longue Vue 1h MC
Aire de Tours la Longue Vue Angouleme 1m MC
Angouleme Bordeaux 2m MWC
Bordeaux inside ring road fail 25m
Bordeaux petrol stn outside ring road Saint Serin sur l'Isle 2m WC maybe should have got out at the peage
Saint Serin sur l'Isle Aire de les Palombieres 30m WC weirdly hard this one
Aire de les Palombieres Aire de Manoire 5m MC
Aire de Manoire Aire de Chavanon 45m MC rejected 2
Aire de Chavanon Peage de Clermont barriere 1m MC
Peage de Clermont barriere Lyon A89 jct 41 50m WC rejected 2 dir Montpellier
Lyon A89 jct 41 Lyon centre 1m WBC
Lyon Brignais Bellevue 5m WKC
Bellevue A47 jct 11 25m WC weirdly hard
A47 jct 11 Saint Ettienne 1m WWMC
Saint Ettienne N88 jct 20 Le Chambon 1h MC rejected 1 to Firminy after 1m which was a tactical mistake, shouldn't have targetted a long lift
Le Chambon Firminy jct 31 1m MMC
Firminy jct 31 Le Puy en Valee 0m MC
Le Puy en Valee Costaros 50m WWC weirdly hard
Costaros A75 jct 45 5m MC #250!
A47 jct 45 fail 20m aiming for A75
A47 jct 45 Aire de Viaduc 1h MC weirdly hard
Aire de Viaduc Beziers 1m MWC
Beziers jct outside Beziers 10m MC
jct outside Beziers Narbonne 2m WWC
Narbonne peage Aire de la Palme Oest 20m WC
Aire de la Palme Ouest Pepignan north peage 30m WC mistake, should have waited for longer
Perpignan north peage fail 50m
Perpignan south peage Aria La Jonquera 15m WWC rejected one to Le Boulou
Aria La Jonquera Barcelona 20m WC
Chobham services Clackett Lane services 5m MWC
Clackett Lane services Petrol sta on A2 nr Canterbury 1h MMMC possibly should have been more picky at Chobham
Petrol sta on A2 nr Canterbury Dover 20m MMC
Dunkirk outsite port Jabbeke services 5m MMMC lucky!
Jabbeke services Brugge 5m MV
Breisach fail 10m bus time