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Josué was a boy passionate about school and who wanted to know how everything worked. He liked everything organized, wanted to be the best at everything (especially school) and was succeeding at it. He was a Commander (ENTJ-A, ENTJ-T) in the personality test. He lived quite a normal life in France and got accepted in one of the best schools in the world in Lausanne, Switzerland. He never heard of this school before and decided to apply because he didn't find anything satisfying for him in France. Physics it is, to understand the whole universe. And it was interesting at first. He loved to learn with simple explanations before using the maths to confirm these. But all of this got very boring very quickly when the only explanation available was with maths and everything became blurry with this professor that was surely successful in his career but had a huge sedative power... In the end he wasn't the best at this and felt his curiosity declining as he was crushed under piles of work and watching The Big Bang Theory instead. He held on though and passed all of his exams.

Bored but still curious, he used his 3rd and last year to realize an exchange in Nottingham, UK, where he got so bored because there was so little work that he decided, after spending the first semester playing video games, to make the first trip of his life alone, without plans, in another country by choosing the cheapest plane ticket. Just the thought of him having to stay home alone in France for a month during the holidays made him so sick (and reminded him of the depression he had every semester during the revisions) that it pushed him to do this. He ended up in Andalusia, Spain, for 2 of the best weeks of his life until then. This completely changed him as he discovered something that he truly loved. From this point his personality has slowly changed until reaching the Campaigner (ENFP-A, ENFP-T). Something he would have never thought about. The only thing that remained from the little boy was this unlimited curiosity. He now wanted to use any free time to explore the world.

Once the Bachelor's degree was obtained, he switched to Financial Engineering because he read Uncle Scrooge too much as a kid and wanted to learn more about this world of finance that governs our society. He liked to learn how it worked but was rapidly disappointed by the lack of sustainability and much worse: the obvious impossibility of combining capitalism (all of what his future work would be about) and sustainability! Eternal growth in a limited world, ewww. With the end of his studies getting closer and his lack of motivation to find a job, he realized he had to listen to his heart and explore the world. But this time without using planes, because he realized he's been destroying the planet before as he didn't know the order of magnitude of his impact.

So he would go for a world tour, starting in December 2021, by hitchhiking to meet people and not stay alone. He would learn from the world, making the "university of life" and come back stronger than ever, ready to change his country and the world.

After crossing the Atlantic and navigating a bit in the Carribean, he is now, one year after, near the end of the world in Patagonia before going all the way up until Canada and crossing the Pacific. That's at least what he thinks.

Find more on his website or Youtube channel