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Tales (Serbia) is a very active hitchhiker for a years. I hitchhiked over 200.000 km (maybe more) in last 15 years. Countries in which I hitched: Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, France, Morocco, Tunis, Algeria, China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, India...

Hitchhiking records: Nanning - Kunming 1650 km in 26 hours (just one ride) Mersin (Turkey) - Niš 1650 km in 23 hours Terskol (Caucasus) - Moscow 1720 km in 31hours Okruhle (Slovakia) - Niš 1000 km in 11 hours La Rochelle (France) - Ljubljana 1520 km in 29 hours etc.