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Hi I am new here. I am from central Europe (Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany). I have some experiences about living in Czech and Slovakia. I am going to give knowledge here.

I am looking too for some friends for travel with me.

If you stay in Prague, look here:,14.451141&iwloc=0004ad0c5248f1ece8fd9&msa=0&spn=0.222728,0.441513&mid=zNSQVJneHoqY.krmF6cjdKpYo

I have traveled through Europe. I use classic hitchhiking or hitchhike train or I want to try train hoping. I travel and live low-cost style (helping with works in farm, or dumpster diving in town or look for some fruits in summer). In summer is traveling and sleeping anywhere (in field or forest) quite easy. I want to explore new countries and meet people.

Best Peter.