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Francesco, known on the Internet under the nickname OCCASVS, is a Southern Italian boy who got addicted to travelling since September 2009. He went abroad indepentently for the first time, at the age of 19, and decided to travel as much as possible.

He mainly travels with very low-cost planes, but his thirst for adventure and independence make him prefer more and more hitchhiking longer distances.

Hitchhiking history

His first hitchhiking adventure was returning to Torino from Girona after the volcano eruption in Iceland, in April 2010. He was already dreaming of hitchhiking one day, and that was the best occasion to get started.

In May 2010 he decided to hitchhike for short distances in Belgium, on purpose, and not out of necessity.

In May 2011 he did his first extensive hitchhiking journey in Benelux and Sweden.


  • The longest ride ever: 606km, from Girona to Ventimiglia, around five hours

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