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Luke, or lukeyboy95 as his oversubscribed gmail name would assign him, is a young humble Scot.

His first hitching experience was at the tender age of 14 when he would miss the school bus, and rather face hitching than the wrath of his mum in the morning.

He has now hitched over 80 countries in four years, covering 5 continents. He is currently on his last big trip hitchhiking from the Arctic Circle to Patagonia.

When asked if he considers himself a 'professional hitchhiker' , he shakes his head ruefully and elects not to comment.

Nah, I'm a super happy young dude, happiest days of my life have been thumbing on unknown roads. Please shout me an email at [email protected], or find me on Facebook on the same adress if you have any queries about , well anything! Ciao for now...

lukeyboy95 A victory jump in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego after hitchhiking for 256 days from above the Arctic Circle in Alaska