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I'm from a little mountain outside Seattle.


I'm wicked stoked for hitching against capitalism for humanity (&) I get ill peeved when I find myself entrenched in the same redundant conversations with folks ever and ever anon; this makes me want to give up the auto for train hopping.(gor, but in't they durned much more of a romance than some automatic-mobile? so!) I think I began hitchhiking to save the environment. Planes emit at minimum 8 times more greenhouse gases per passenger per mile than overland travel: hitchhiking, like dumpster-diving, is carbon-negative. I busk.

"Si vas con miedo, encontraras peligro." It ain't about karma strictly. It's just that folks can recognize your eyes & they know when you're rattled

Bragging? What is this anyways, huh?

Best time: Burlington, Vermont to New Orleans in 2 1/2 days. ~1600 mi/2500 km

Longest Ride: (gosh. hard to say. a few real gushers in Colombia...) El Paso to L.A.

Longest Wait: almost three days in Laredo, TX. ~900 mi/1400km

Longest Trip: Seattle, USA to Patagonia Argentina, 2007.

Dreams &c

I'm trying to figure out what separates the grain from the chaff, in metaphoric long-hitchhiking-trips terms. Sometimes I have a blast, and others I feel awful bandying about. I want to hitchhike on boats and I've lost faith in airhitching, (but maybe I'm not a lost cause for it); want to hitch around the world: Panama-NZ-AU-PNG-Vietnam-Thailand-India-RU-Georgia-RU-Scandinavia-Ladonia-Christiania- (england?)Poland-Europe,etc-Greece-Israel-Mecca-Egypt-Ethiopia-Kenya-SA-Congo-WestAfrica,etc-Morroco-Spain-France-French Guyana- Surinam-(brazil?)-Venezuela-Carribean,etc-& back home.


I made a website this week. It is thusly: [1] (P.s. I'm sure I'm treading on everyone's feet and breaking all the rules of this place somehow; I couldn't find them. Though I don't have great intrinsic respect for rules generally, I also don't want to the the root of a fever, and would love to know how things run.)